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Providing Personalized Mortgage Strategies

Starting with the initial conversation about your financing needs, Linda, Katie and Christina join together as a family.  Your team of Champions works to determine the "Personal Mortgage Solution" options for your unique situation.  We search to discover what programs and pricing works best for you today and for your future. We will provide you with detailed breakdowns for different scenarios and investment options so you can make an informed decision.

Once a path is chosen, a property and rate identified, we work hand in hand to keep everything on the right track and on schedule. As we progress through your transaction, the three of us will work together to make sure you experience a thorough understanding of all the details, timing and requirements for a successful transaction.

Managing the paperwork, explaining details and keeping you up to date is communicated as progress and changes happen.   Linda can always be reached on their direct lines and one of us is always available in the office during regular business hours.  We strive to exceed your expectations so you enjoy the best real estate financing experience possible.

We are here to eagerly Champion your transaction to a successful finish.

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